Welcome to Building Connections!

DSC_0445This site is dedicated to document the projects I have been working on or been a part of and to make connections with other fellow natural builders and permaculturists!

My mission is to connect with people interested in a natural builder’s collective. For me, Natural Building is mainly about building community, about working in a team, about creating something beautiful out of simple materials that is also functional and manifests a radically different way of life and living than we are used to these days.

What inspires me, is re-learning to do things myself and with the support of others, being independent and autonomous, taking decisions in a team. I want to be able to take care of my own housing needs and the needs of my community. I want to re-learn techniques that our ancestors used over thousands of years and I want to build simple structures with my own hands, without heavy machinery.

This site is here to buildconnections! My mission is to connect with builders and permaculturists to come together as a collective to work, live and share experiences and visions! Please contact me!!!



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