The Team

The Team

IMG_7454 - Version 2Eva is a natural builder and certified designer in clay plastering. She has been training and working with professional natural builders in North-America and Germany. Eva is passionate about the versatility of clay sand and straw, the detailed work, the creativity and aesthetics combined with functionality. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Development and is cooperating in international projects to enhance the living conditions of marginalized people, fostering the vernacular architecture of the region and teaching modern natural building techniques. Her mission is to empower people with the skills to create their own affordable, ecological and beautiful homes.


Besides her academic degree, she holds a certificate in Permaculture Design (PDC), did a Permaculture teacher training with Rosemary Morrow (Author of Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture) and Alfred Decker from Permaculture Barcelona. In 2014 she got a certification in Design in Clay Plastering form the European School of Earth Building in Wangelin, Germany. In 2015 she participated in an Earthbag Training with Owen Geiger in Nepal.

Since January 2016 she is working for a German Non-Profit Organization, managing a re-building project in a rural Village in Nepal.

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DSC_1232Josh decided early on to create his own learning path in life and has traveled extensively gathering and sharing homesteading and natural building skills. Now he is a permaculturist, certified log builder, timber framer and a natural builder, but foremost an advocate of re-connecting with nature. He brings an inventive energy wherever he goes and will find a solution to anything. After a Permaculture Design Course he started a permaculture site in Sweden and is now a coordinator for natural building at “Permakultur Stjärnsund“. He teaches courses on tipi making, efficient cooking stoves and ovens, rocket mass heaters, outdoor kitchens and natural building techniques. Find more about Josh’s projects on Light Feet Living