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Outdoor Kitchens

Information about Construction, Design and Courses

Outdoor kitchens have become more and more popular in the last years because the create a social space in a natural environment and get people back into their gardens and invite them to spend time in nature. An outdoor social space like a kitchen is a great means to connect the people of a neighborhood and the community since the build-process and later use of an outdoor social space creates a sense of togetherness.

Theses outdoor spaces are great for community gatherings, pizza parties and reunions. In Permaculture communities, outdoor kitchens are common and often built as a semi-outdoor space and addition to a tiny house and in relative location to the kitchen garden. It also provides more space and cooking space when you’re hosting larger groups.DSC_0891

We build outdoor kitchens out of natural and local materials, as well as recycled materials. We do use materials with higher embodied energy, like cement, only when necessary. The design of the outdoor kitchen is in tune with the natural environment and the client’s preferences. We build Cob Ovens and Barrel Ovens for baking purposes, fuel-efficient Rocket Stoves for cooking, that can be for single pots and multiple pots, as well as griddles for frying. Cob benches and light wall systems like wattle-and-daub can be added to create a semi-outdoor and sheltered social space. Outdoor kitchens create a great space for gatherings and community building in a natural environment. Food has always brought people together and building and cooking will create an even tighter sense of community!

Information about workshops and courses

Workshops always start with a group dynamic and contain an exploration of natural building materials, a session on stove theory, and a discussion on the design of the project. After that the practical part starts. Towards the end of the course we like to do a design exercise with the students so they start to create ideas about how to apply the new skills and knowledge.

Please consider that a workshop focuses on the teaching and the students who participate. This means that projects might not get finished during the duration of a course, even though it is always the objective and part of the planning of a course and the design of the build project. The workshop leaders however, we are willing to finish a project after the course is over, but this has an additional cost. Thanks for your understanding!

Outdoor Kitchens: efficient wood-burning stoves and ovens

Build Project Preparation timein days Course durationin days, dependent on design and materials Finishing (optional)*
Cob Oven 1-3 days, depending on foundation 2-3 days (with/ without building of foundation), ideally two successive weekends to allow for drying in between 1 day
Cob Benches ½ day ½ to 3 days, depending on size ½ – 1 day
Light Walls 0-1 day 1-3 days 1-2 days
Barrel Oven 1-2 daysgetting materials ready needs some time 2-3 days depending on size and design. 1 day
Rocket Stove 1-2 daysgetting materials ready needs some time 1-2 days depending on size and design 1-2 days
Rocket Mass Heater 2-5 daysdepending on gathering of materials and design 2-3 days depending on design and size 1-2 days

*Happens after the course or as a part of it, ideally after the stove body is dry.

Workshop fees are on request. Please contact Eva or Josh.

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